Ask about pricing and availability for the Paul Frisbie Show. A private comedy show is a wonderful way to reward your employees and impress your clients, and Paul Frisbie will be delighted to work with you.

Different folks have different tastes in things like music, art and theater. But a clean and clever comedian appeals to just about everyone. When in doubt, hire a comedian.

Standup comedy gives you communications skills that ordinary public speakers can't match. For example, Paul Frisbie recently spoke at the Bureau of Land Management's Internet conference in Phoenix, and people were still shaking his hand the next day -- at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Needless to say, he found that enormously satisfying.

Frisbie's topic at the Phoenix conference was web site content. His mission, in a nutshell, was to tell about 300 regional managers how to build web sites that wouldn't bore people to death. The audience laughed and clapped the whole time, and it's probably safe to say that the presentation probably caught them by surprise. Your ordinary Internet speaker wouldn't know how to present serious information and be entertaining at the same time.

Frisbie is hired to speak at conferences for a number of reasons. He has years of experience working with the communications industry. He has created everything from billboard campaigns to commercial jingles. He was already working on web site content back when HTML was still written by hand, and his first personal web site was featured in the best-seller, Netmarketing.

Frisbie's client list is quite impressive, which inspires program directors to suspect that Frisbie might actually know what he's talking about. And Frisbie's vast experience as a professional entertainer clinches the deal. Program directors understand that Frisbie doesn't have it in him to let an audience fall asleep.

Most companies don't have the budget to keep a top notch copy writer on the staff -- and that's what outsourcing is for. Companies have called in Paul Frisbie for help with projects ranging from radio spots and web content to promotional brochures and newsletters. If you've got a communications problem that needs professional attention, please give us a call.

You can currently find The Chicago River Out Your Window, by Paul Frisbie, at Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

Points to Consider When Hiring a Comedian

Hiring a Comedian: Location
Comedians are used to travel. They think nothing of collecting a rental car at the airport and driving three hours out into the sticks. But if you're not in a major city with professional local acts, you can expect to budget for travel expenses and a hotel room.

Hiring a Comedian: Pricing
In every business experience and skill command a premium price. Folks generally want to hire a comedian who can be very funny without resorting to potty humor. Inconveniently, most "comedians" can't do that. So the ones who can are in high demand.

You'll pay less when you hire a comedian for a weekday show, or if he finds that your location is convenient travel routing for another gig that's already on his calendar.

Hiring a Comedian: Audience Size
Seasoned comedians aren't concerned about the size of your audience. In the same month Paul Frisbie may headline a busy county fair and find himself in front of the 11 people who showed up for the Friday late show in a comedy club on Fourth of July weekend. Every show is unique, and any comedian will tell you that adjusting to different environments is part of the fun. If your audience will be small, there's no need to worry about it. A comedian wouldn't.

Hiring a Comedian: It's All About You
A crowd likes it when the comedian tosses out a few lines that were obviously custom-tailored for that evening's event. A comedian not only doesn't mind if you call in advance to talk about your group, he's actually hoping you'll do that very thing.







Paul Frisbie works out of Chicago, IL. He's a regular at clubs like Zanies', the Improv and the Funny Bone. He appears at casinos, colleges and corporate events all across the United States, and also works the cruise lines upon occasion. He has performed in all 50 states and in six foreign countries.

Frisbie has appeared on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show and was recently the subject of a feature story in the Chicago Tribune Magazine. It's believed that Frisbie was the first comic on the planet to post a web site, which was subsequently featured in the nationwide bestseller, Netmarketing. Frisbie's own book, The Chicago River From Your Window,  is currently available at Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

Frisbie is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign, where he owned and operated nightclubs and a laundromat/bar. He sold his clubs in 1992 to work full time as a standup comic and freelance writer.

Everybody has different tastes in music, movies and theater.  When in doubt,
hire a comedian.

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