Standup comedy forces a person to get out of the house from time to time.  Here are some odds and ends Paul Frisbie has collected during his travels.

Cruise Ships and Paid Vacations
--  Back Stage With the Stars
--  The Boat Hoax
Independence Pass
The Beach Artist
Travels With the GMC Jimmy: The Early Years in Comedy
Mama Would Be Proud and the Armadillo Comix

Advice for New Comics
--  Other
--  Paul Frisbie pictures
--  Various






Paul Frisbie works out of Chicago, IL. He's a regular at clubs like Zanies', the Improv and the Funny Bone. He appears at casinos, colleges and corporate events all across the United States, and also works the cruise lines upon occasion. He has performed in all 50 states and in six foreign countries.

Frisbie has appeared on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show and was recently the subject of a feature story in the Chicago Tribune Magazine. It's believed that Frisbie was the first comic on the planet to post a web site, which was subsequently featured in the nationwide bestseller, Netmarketing. Frisbie's own book, The Chicago River From Your Window,  is currently available at Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

Frisbie is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign, where he owned and operated nightclubs and a laundromat/bar. He sold his clubs in 1992 to work full time as a standup comic and freelance writer.

Everybody has different tastes in music, movies and theater.  When in doubt,
hire a comedian.

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